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  • Version: v4.0.3

Excellent screen capture and image editor

PicPick screen capture and image editor is an impressive piece of free software for covering most image management needs.

Photo editing

Massive photo editing tools like Photoshop are great, but some find them too heavy and complicated for everyday usage. PicPick is definitely a better choice if what you need is just a simple image editor. With PicPick you can easily perform simple photo editing tasks, including brightness, contrast and color adjustment, grayscale, blur, pixelate and other special effects.

Screen capture

But PicPick isn't just an image editor: it's also a full-featured screen capturing tool with which you can capture the image on your monitor in several ways: full screen, active window, user-defined area and more. Plus, PicPick can work with several documents simultaneously and captures can be triggered with customizable keyboard shortcuts, which makes it even handier.

Other tools

PicPick has a selection of othet tools that you're not going to need every day, but when you do find yourself with a need to, say, pick a specific color on your screen, magnify something, or use a virtual whiteboard to "draw" on your screen. There are 7 of these tools, and although quite niche, they're a nice touch.

PicPick is a lightweight yet full-featured image editor and capturer, perfect for simple daily image editing tasks.

Fixed an issue of bugs on dual environment. Added Bosnian Language Language updates Minor bugs are fixed


  • Fixed an issue of bugs on dual environment. Added Bosnian Language Language updates Minor bugs are fixed


  • Editor and capturing tool, all in one
  • Perfect for some basic retouches
  • Nice extras
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Webpage capturing option doesn't scroll the page
  • No printing capabilities

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PicPick v4.0.3 for Windows

User reviews about PicPick

  • John Spain

    by John Spain

    I was quite surprised to find all the features in this software. I use the snip feature in Windows daily. This product will save me a lMore

  • Ziguardian Hry Vlx

    by Ziguardian Hry Vlx

    Very recomended software,but please make for the other system too such as Linux and Mac.

  • Marko-Tapio Autio

    by Marko-Tapio Autio

    I like, thanks. How to take around shapes? -----------------------------------

  • Jon Finch

    by Jon Finch

    Best. screenshotter. ever. ONE CLICK, and the screenshot is taken and autosaved in my Pictures folder (I assigned F9 as the hot-button,More

  • Jon Finch

    by Jon Finch

    My favorite screenshotter. I press one button (F9 for me...I assigned it as F9), and the screenshot is taken and saved automatically. OMore

  • by Anonymous

    screenpresso. Did you try screenpresso? It is a much better screen capture software than all other softwares on the web.

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